On Monday, May 16, we had Wayne Kollinger and his lovely wife Linda present a trunk show of many of Wayne’s ‘Alberta Series’  quilts.  I think most everybody got at least a bit of inspiration after seeing his amazing quilts and many of  the variations that are possible.  Just remember to play with your colors and blocks and ask yourself ‘What if?’

Afterwards we all feasted on our Pot Luck dishes that everybody brought.  Thank you ladies for your contributions!

This is an official welcome to our new blog.  Hope you all enjoy it.  I’ll be happy to listen to suggestions from our members and post items relating to quilting for everyone’s interest.  I hope to update and include new pictures of our members projects on a regular basis too, so keep checking back!

 It is in its infant stage so there may be some organizational pains.  Our email list and the Chinook Country Quilters @wordpress is private and I will not knowingly share this with anyone else.  I am planning on including links to other sites that may interest some of you. 

I hope to keep information up to date on this site for the benefit of our guild members.  I realize that not everyone uses a computer so we will still share information at our meetings the same as in the past.  This way there will be a central information site where everything will (hopefully) be kept updated.  Wish me luck!  I am new to this so bear with me while I learn.  If you do not want to receive email messages then let me know and I will remove you from the group list.
Feedback is welcome.